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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Embarassing Moment

I've felt that a good wine cellar was the epitome of sophistication. While I don't haave the space for a full cellar, I try to have several bottles of wine on hand.

At Christmas I had to move my wine rack to make room for some decorations. There wasn't enough room in the drawer in the dining room for the bottles, so I put two bottles in a storage box in my bedroom closet.

Yesterday I was speaking with a closet designer to see about organizing my closet with some built-ins and better shelving. As I was explaining that the storage boxes on the floor were out of season clothes and I wanted to put them on shelves, I noticed there were two bottles of wine in one of the boxes. I had completely forgotten about them. Everything would have been fine if I had just kept my mouth shut, but I had to mention the bottles. We had a good laugh, but I realized that it didn't look good having wine bottles hidden in the bedroom. Today I found another bottle in a different closet.

Really, I'm not hiding them, really!

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