Friday, February 1, 2008


This time of year we hear a lot about "comfort foods", but we don't hear much about comfort clothes. Those are the tops or slacks or skirts that we can always rely on to fit right and are just, well, comfortable and they are right for almost any occasion.

As part of getting my closets organized, I'm checking out all my old clothes. This morning, I took out an old friend, a pink sweater which, as far as I can remember, I bought in the mid '90's. It's been my old faithful, but alas, I now realize it's seen better days.

Some of the stitching has come loose and the sleeves no longer retain their shape once I roll them up, they keep sliding down. It looks like this will go into the trash tonight. I'll miss my old friend.

I have a few more comfort clothes, I hope they will still be wearable for a few more years.

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