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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


When I moved to this community I vowed to get involved, but I never realized how involved I would become.

Tuesday is my usual day to sit at the desk in the Clubhouse to accept sign-ups for the various activities. One day I made the mistake of telling the Activities Director that I'm fairly proficient in Excel, now she saves all her Excel work for Tuesday. Then I volunteered to keep some parts of our website up to date, that takes more time and there's talk of giving me more responsibility on the website. I used to be able to read my book or paper on Tuesday, now it's out of the question.

I'm also treasurer of our Singles Group and a member of the Travel Group. Both groups had meetings tonight at the same time. I, along with another single, shared both meetings - she took the first half of the Travel while I took the first half of the Singles, then we traded places.

Our Travel Group has many trips planned for this year. I plan on taking three of them and another with a friend. I'm so glad I'm retired, I never would have had the time to be so involved. It's great to be so busy and I'm meeting more and more new people and even making some friends.

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