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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yesterday's mail brought three different catalogs offering education on various topics.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art sent their list of Concerts and Lectures. There are a lot of interesting topics. Of course, I plan on attending their Language of Music series. There will be discussions on Music and Painting, Music in Times of War and Soulful Music from Ancient Chant to Bach and Bernstein. There are also offerings on Central Park, Gilbert & Sullivan, Ansel Adams and of course, Art. I just don't know what to pick.

Then the local community college sent their offerings. They offer tap dancing classes (not for me), Arts and Crafts, Computers, etc. They are offering a class on preserving family stories which I'm thinking of taking, if it fits into my schedule.

Then I also got a catgalog on The Great Courses. They offer a wide range of topics on science, art, language, Shakespeare. etc. These are offerings on DVD, CD or audio. I can't decide which to buy. I could combine these courses with workouts at the gym, then I could get fit and smart at the same time.

I'm so glad I'm retired, I couldn't even consider any of these courses if I were still working.

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