Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Paper that is.

I'm notorious for my up to date filing process, or lack thereof.  If any employer ever had a complaint about my work, it would have been about my desk and distaste of filing.  Since no one is ever responsible for a fault, I'd have to blame my distaste of filing on my first job.  That company has a file room, complete with three file clerks.  We secretaries never had to file a paper, unless it was a personal one. 

I know how to file, in fact, I have two full file cabinets with the proper folders.  I just don't like to. I avoid it as much as possible.   As a result, every desk I ever used has been piled with paper.  I've managed to convince myself that paper is my enemy.  It has taken quite a long time, but I think I've finally accepted that fact.

This week I've started scanning my bills and statements on my computer as they come in.  Now, I'm able to throw all this paper away.  I'd show you a picture of my office, but I'm embarrassed.  In addition to the piles of paper, there are many sheets on the floor, the result of the cats.

Crash loves to sit on my desk while I'm working/playing and she moves papers around to get comfortable.  In the process, she throws them on the floor.  If I put them on any other flat surface, they also get thrown on the floor when they try to climb or jump up.

Whatever will they do once I get all this paper scanned?  How will they be able to annoy me?

Monday, August 3, 2015


I have a surprise for you.  Today, I am being sort of bi-partisan.  I have a prediction and a suggestion.

My prediction is that Joe Biden will soon announce his run for the presidency.  During his speech, he will mention his son's deathbed wish that Joe run for and win the presidency.  Mr. Biden will speak many times about his son's wish and remind the voters that his son has recently died.  I think he could win on that platform alone.  The same type of people who voted for Obama because he's black and would vote for Hillary because she's a woman would be sympathetic to Biden and elect him because his son died.

My suggestion for the republicans results from a conversation I had with a family member.  We were discussing the various candidates and their abilities.  Some of them, although they have wonderful records in their various fields, may not make a good president.  I believe that each candidate should issue a statement that if they win the nomination and the presidency, they will consider their present opponents for the republican nomination as members of their cabinet.  If they don't get the nomination, I believe that Chris Christie would be a good attorney general, Scott Walker would be a good secretary of labor, Carly Fiorina or Donald Trump would be a good secretary of commerce, Ben Carson would make a wonderful secretary of health and human services, etc.  These are all examples, each of these people would also make a wonderful president.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Burnie Here

Hi all, I know I haven't written lately.  Everything's OK.  I'm still having a little trouble controlling my sugar levels.  I had to go to the doctor last week and she gave me more insulin.  I did let mom know how unpleased I was to be going.  I wouldn't go into my carrier, I thought that she would decide that I didn't have to go, but she used Crash's carrier which is very big.  I made the trip miserable for her, I meowed the whole way.

I had to stay at the doctor's for a whole day while they kept sticking me with needles and checking me out.  They also gave me some medicine for my leg.  It looks like a little fish and I was fooled for the first couple of days.  Then I found out it isn't a fish at all.  Sometimes I eat it, sometimes I don't.

I get thirsty a lot, so you can see in the picture that I'm guarding my water dish.  It's so much fun.  Crash is afraid of me and won't drink if I'm guarding the dish.  Then, she complains when mom picks her up so she can drink from the faucet.  Mom calls me a bully because I take advantage of Crash's being afraid of me.  I think it's fun.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'll try to write more often, that is, if mom lets me.