Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enough is Enough


I've been quiet for a long time while the media, the democrats and some republicans have been doing everything in their power to bring down our President Trump.  The latest attempt is an allegation by former FBI director James Comey that President Trump "ordered" him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn's ties to Russia.  Comey claims that he took notes at his meeting with the president and will produce the memo showing those notes.  It seems to me that if he truly felt that the president was interfering with an investigation, he should have made the charge immediately after their meeting.  The fact that he waited until after he was fired and the president didn't speak kindly about him seems very strange.  I know that if I had been in his position and believed the president was interfering with an investigation, I would have spoken up immediately and shown the notes the day after the meeting, not hold them as blackmail.  But then, I'm a strong believer in doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

As far as the investigation into the president's ties to Russia, how bad could they be.  It's not as if he had a private server in Trump Tower, or whispered to the Russian president that he would be more flexible after the election.  I'm sure that Melania won't have a secret meeting with the attorney general on some airport tarmac.

I have some advice for all the democrats and sore losers out there.  Hillary Clinton lost the election that everyone believed was her right.  GROW UP!  I and my fellow conservatives were not happy that Obama won two elections, but, we accepted it.  Yes, we tried to investigate his lies about Benghazi, but well, he's a democrat and therefore can do no wrong.  We all heard the lies about health care and Hillary's innocence with a private server and the foundation, but no one would challenge them.  I guess having a D after your name gives you a free pass.

I'd like to know what everyone is afraid of with president Trump.  Are they afraid that middle class citizens have finally gotten a voice, that they may soon be able to get a job, that some will even get a raise?  Has anyone noticed that China sent troops to their border with North Korea right after their president met with president Trump?  Has anyone noticed that members of NATO will start to try to pay their fair share toward their defense?

We do need a new FBI director.  Someone, I think Mitch McConnell, suggested that the president should nominate Merrick Garland or I think he should nominate a woman.  The democrats would have to agree with the nomination or show the world what hypocrites they are.