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Monday, November 6, 2017

When Will It End?

Yesterday's massacre in Texas has again started the gun debate.  They can't even let the living mourn and bury their dead before blaming the tool used and not the user of that tool.

Many people are giving their opinion, so I might as well give mine.  The Las Vegas massacre, the West Side Terror Attack and now the Texas massacre all seem to have one root problem.  There is no respect for life, human or animal. 

We live in a disposable world.  Inconvenient pregnancy - abort, terminal illness - pull the plug or assisted suicide,  child misbehaving - punish/beat/starve to eliminate the problem, family disagreement - kill who you disagree with, sick pet - put it down.  Life has been put on the same level as machinery - car giving you problems - junk it, computer running slow - get rid of it.

I have a theory about the lack of respect for life, but it will never be proven because it is not politically correct to do any studies on it.  I feel it all started in January 1970.  That was when the Supreme Court decided it was OK to kill an inconvenient or ill baby because the pregnant woman did not want a child. 

We hear all to often about child abuse, elder abuse and now mass killings.  Where will it all end.  How many more will die because so many people won't respect the life of family members, neighbors, unborn children, churchgoers, etc.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Retail Problems

I've worked in many fields over the years, but the most exciting job I had was on Wall Street.  Maybe it's because I'm fascinated with money and how it's made.  While everyone else is watching Kelly Ripa or Today, I'm tuned to the business channel.  I have to witness the market opening.

For the last several months, the commentators have been putting Sears and J.C. Penny on a "death watch".  It has become the "retail ice age".  Amazon is king.

As I listen to this, I can't help but think that the management of both Sears and Penny are regretting the day they decided to eliminate the catalog.  For many years, people of all ages looked forward to receiving the seasonal catalogs.

When my boys were young, I did most of my shopping from the catalog.  In fact, I had a neighbor whose wealthy parents bought her anything she wanted for herself and her daughter.  One day, she asked me where I bought my sons' clothes, they were so cute.  I surprised her by saying, "Sears".  They had the best styles and clothes and they wore very well.

I firmly believe that if Sears and Penny had not discontinued their catalogs, they would be giving Amazon a run for their money, instead of being on a "death watch".  I will be sorry to see them go.

Gad, I miss those catalogs.  The Christmas catalog would be arriving about now.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Second Amendment

I just saw an article stating that Michael Moore has suggested that the Second Amendment to our Constitution be repealed and replaced by the 28th Amendment which would severely restrict the ability to buy and own guns while prioritizing public safety from gun violence.

While we are in the process of repealing the Second Amendment, maybe we should look at some of the other amendments and repeal them, or change them.

Let's start with the First Amendment and make it illegal to criticize or make fun of the president.  We should also make it illegal to burn our flag or gather to protest perceived offenses by the government.

We could also change the Fourth Amendment and make it legal to search or seize a person's property without a duly authorized warrant.

How about changing the Fifth Amendment that would allow a person to be tried for the same crime if the prosecution does not agree with the finding of a properly selected jury.

You can see how these amendments could be changed to adapt to the mood of certain segments of our population.  The original Bill of Rights was added to our constitution after much deliberation by the Founding Fathers to ensure that we would continue to be governed by rational thought and not the emotion of the moment or whims of any president or congress or political party..

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Enough is Enough


I've been quiet for a long time while the media, the democrats and some republicans have been doing everything in their power to bring down our President Trump.  The latest attempt is an allegation by former FBI director James Comey that President Trump "ordered" him to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn's ties to Russia.  Comey claims that he took notes at his meeting with the president and will produce the memo showing those notes.  It seems to me that if he truly felt that the president was interfering with an investigation, he should have made the charge immediately after their meeting.  The fact that he waited until after he was fired and the president didn't speak kindly about him seems very strange.  I know that if I had been in his position and believed the president was interfering with an investigation, I would have spoken up immediately and shown the notes the day after the meeting, not hold them as blackmail.  But then, I'm a strong believer in doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

As far as the investigation into the president's ties to Russia, how bad could they be.  It's not as if he had a private server in Trump Tower, or whispered to the Russian president that he would be more flexible after the election.  I'm sure that Melania won't have a secret meeting with the attorney general on some airport tarmac.

I have some advice for all the democrats and sore losers out there.  Hillary Clinton lost the election that everyone believed was her right.  GROW UP!  I and my fellow conservatives were not happy that Obama won two elections, but, we accepted it.  Yes, we tried to investigate his lies about Benghazi, but well, he's a democrat and therefore can do no wrong.  We all heard the lies about health care and Hillary's innocence with a private server and the foundation, but no one would challenge them.  I guess having a D after your name gives you a free pass.

I'd like to know what everyone is afraid of with president Trump.  Are they afraid that middle class citizens have finally gotten a voice, that they may soon be able to get a job, that some will even get a raise?  Has anyone noticed that China sent troops to their border with North Korea right after their president met with president Trump?  Has anyone noticed that members of NATO will start to try to pay their fair share toward their defense?

We do need a new FBI director.  Someone, I think Mitch McConnell, suggested that the president should nominate Merrick Garland or I think he should nominate a woman.  The democrats would have to agree with the nomination or show the world what hypocrites they are.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Haste Makes Waste

Yesterday I spent the greater part of the afternoon gathering and scanning my tax papers.  I took a break to get something from the freezer for dinner when I remembered that I had forgotten to give Crash and Burn their afternoon snack.

As well as I can remember the sequence of events I was removing the lid from the can of cat food while I was walking to the garbage can when I felt a very sharp pain in my finger and warm liquid flowing down said finger.  I quickly put it under running water, but the blood kept flowing and the cats kept meowing for their food.  I applied pressure and raised my hand, but it didn't stop the bleeding.

I had to scoop the food from the can one-handed while the can was sliding across the counter.  Finally there was enough food in the dishes so I called a friend and asked her to take me to the urgent care facility nearby, which she did.

After the physician's assistant and doctor looked at it, they decided it needed stitches.  Now, I must admit, I have lived a very easy life.  Even with two boys I never had to go to the emergency room or even had stitches.  This was a new experience for me.  I asked for a little distraction so I wouldn't have to see what they were doing.  We talked about my favorite subject - cats.

After the stitches, the doctor wrapped my finger in gauze and covered it with neon orange tape.  It looks like this

Of course this is my left hand and I'm left-handed.  It's very hard to do anything.  Eating and writing are a chore.  When I went to charge something at the store, I had to make sure I wouldn't have to sign my name.

The bandage is supposed to come off tonight and I'm not looking forward to seeing the stitched and what they look like.  I'm very squeamish.

I guess I should stop rushing and pay more attention to the task at hand.  For a while I'm feeding the cats Meow Mix.  Those cans have a foil cover, much safer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The other night I was watching "Hoarding".  I like the show although sometimes I have to turn it off because of the living conditions of the hoarders.  Other times, it spurs me on to clean up my own collection of "stuff".  I had already been in the process of cleaning up my office for about the millionth time, but this gave me additional incentive.

One of the participants was under orders from his town to clean up his yard.  It seems he would pick through trash and take things that he thought he might have a use for.  He was particularly fond of taking machinery and building supplies that were being thrown out.  There was one comment that he made that got me thinking.  He said something to the effect that he had so many ideas and projects that he thought these things would be useful for some time in the future.

A few days earlier, I said to myself that one of the reasons that I have so much clutter is that I have so many interests and projects that I want to do.  There are bags of yarn in my office for a baby blanket I want to knit and donate, but I haven't gotten too far because I lost the instructions for the design of the blanket.  There is also a ball of styroform, a dowel, a can of stain and a collection of small flowers and bows for a topiary I want to make.  I also have a collection of linens that were hand embroidered by my mother many, many years ago.  Then there are all my photographs, the paper necessary for printing copies and the supplies of ink for my printers.

Am I becoming a hoarder?  There may be hope for me since this is the only room that is in such disarray and I am currently in the process of cleaning my pantry and garage.  Or am I just making excuses for myself?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to Get Things Done

I was watching The Five tonight and they were talking about the democrats and how they were fighting everything that the president is trying to do.

Bob Beckel, who I like and am glad to see back on the show, commented that that was just what the republicans had been doing for the past eight years.  He is right, but his party is just acting like spoiled children.  Just because someone does something to you, it doesn't mean that you should retaliate. 

The democrats should try to show that they are more mature and want to show our country that they really care about it.  Instead, they are whining that the republicans started it.  When my boys were young, I never cared who started an argument, I just cared that it was over.  If they stopped blocking everything and everyone, maybe something could finally get done.