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Monday, November 17, 2014


I really can't understand all the fuss about this character Gruber who said, on many occasions, that the American people are too stupid to understand Obamacare.  He's right.  After all, the majority of the  American people did vote for Obama TWICE.  (My apologies to my friends.)

The only people who questioned the proposed bill, and are still questioning the law, are the "wacky" tea partiers and republicans.

If the results weren't so sad - raised premium rates, dropped services, dropped policies, being forced to pay for services that are not needed, the tea partiers could have the last laugh.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014



            I recently took a short trip to Arlington, VA to visit Mt. Vernon.  On my last day there, I discovered that I had a flat tire.  I called for emergency road service and was told that it would take about 45 minutes.  While I was waiting in my hotel lobby for their arrival, I noticed a young man also just sitting there.  After 45 minutes, I called again and was told it would be another 25 minutes.  This young man asked what I was waiting for and I told him.  He offered to change my tire, but I said road service would be there soon.

            Shortly after that, he disappeared.  When he came back, he had work gloves and said, “Where is your car?  I’ll change the tire.”  We walked to the car together.  While he was working, road service called to say they were on the way.  I told them not to bother as I had found a “Good Samaritan.”

            When he was finished, I thanked him profusely and we started talking.  He told me he was retired military (which I had figured out by his demeanor) and had served two tours in Iraq.  His father was also military.  I said that I thought it was a corny thing to say, but I thanked him for his service.  He didn’t think it corny at all and appreciated my saying it.

            I realize now that it’s not corny, but simply saying “Thank You” doesn’t seem like enough.  Our service men and women put their lives on hold for at least two years, some put their lives on the line, some don’t survive. 

            As we were returning to our respective rooms, he THANKED ME for being so appreciative of his help.  I couldn’t believe it.  He deserved all the thanks, not just for the tire, but for all the years he spent serving our country and us. 

            I never got the name of my Good Samaritan, so to all veterans, I can only say “Thank you.”  It doesn’t seem like enough, but it is sincere.





Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Age Differences

Today was my usual day at the desk in the clubhouse.

While I was signing a couple up for an event, the gentleman commented that my handwriting was so nice.  When I take my time, it is quite good.  I thanked him and said that it was the result of 12 years of Catholic school.  They laughed and his wife said that she also had 12 years of Catholic school, but she didn't write as well.

We got to talking and she mentioned that she went to school in Brooklyn.  I said that I did also, even though I lived in Queens.  She also came from Queens, Ozone Park in particular.  Since I came from Woodhaven which is just the other side of Atlantic Ave. we compared notes on which schools we attended.  She attended St. Sylvester which I also attended.

I told her that I graduated in 1953 - there the similarities ended.  She was born in 1953.  I suddenly felt so old.  But this evening I realized that I'm only 13 years older than she and when you're a senior citizen, I guess that's not so great a difference, and we both do live in a 55+ community.

Age is just a number, isn't it?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Burnie Here

Hi there, it's me Burnie.  Sorry I haven't written in a while, but mom went on another of her geographical explorations for weeks and weeks and turned the computer off.  I'm sure she'll write about it soon.

I missed her, but not too much.  Her friend, and mine, Jeanne came every day and fed Crash and me.  Crash wasn't too friendly, but I was.  I got lots of pets and Jeanne combed me every day.  I like it when she takes care of us.  I wasn't too mad at mom, I didn't even limp too much, but Crash got even.  On mom's first night home, Crash got on mom's pillow and meowed right into her ear.  That really woke mom up.  I think it was about 1:00 am.  That'll show her.

She was very nice to us all week, until she found me sitting on the scale.  She saw that I weigh 20 pounds.  I guess that makes me a Fat Cat.  Now, we don't get our afternoon snack any more.

Last night, mom started being extra nice to us, giving us lots of pets and hugs.  I thought that mom was feeling guilty for leaving us for so long, but Crash told me that mom found out that Fuzzy, a dog who lives on a farm in Colorado with Boomer and writes a blog on Fridays, died.  Mom was very upset, so she gave us lots of extra attention.  I'm sorry that Boomer lost his friend, but I like the extra attention mom gives us.

Now if only we could get our afternoon snack back.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Newer = Better

Not always.

I've been baking for over 50 years and have now developed a reputation in my community for  being a terrific baker.  Almost everything I make is from scratch although I do occasionally use a mix.

Today, I was baking some cookies for our Arts & Crafts Fair tomorrow.  My preferred cookie recipe uses a cookie press.  Several years ago I retired my old aluminum cookie press where you turn a knob to push the dough through the template onto the cookie sheet.  I decided to come into the 20th century and bought a new cookie press, one that uses a trigger to push the dough onto the cookie sheet.  After only one or two uses, it broke.  So I bought another, more expensive one thinking that the old one broke because it was cheap.  I usually make this type of cookie once or twice a year.

Well, today I was in the middle of baking my cookies and getting ready to refill the press.  I unscrewed the pusher (very technical term) and it came right out of the press.  Naturally, I couldn't find any of the pieces.

Fortunately, I NEVER throw anything out.  I went into the garage and found my original cookie press to finish the job.  Guess I'll forget about replacing the "new" press and go back to the old, stone-age aluminum one, the same type that my mother used.

Speaking of my mother, several years ago she noticed that I lived by my timer when baking anything.  She was quite surprised and said that she knew when a cake was done when she could smell it.  Of course, I scoffed at that idea, but decided to try it.  Surprise!  It works.  As soon as I smell a cake, I check it out and it is done.  Who knew mothers could be so smart.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food for Thought

We are all aware of the threats of ISIS/ISIL.  The president has started air attacks and is being helped by some other countries.  He has promised that there will be no combat troops sent to Iraq.  If the defeat of these terrorists can be accomplished this way, I'm all for it.

However, one thing he said has me worried.  He admitted that there are some troops in Iraq whose only job is to advise and assist those fighting terrorism.  Those words "advise and assist" sound very familiar.  Wasn't that the job of the first troops send to Viet Nam?  Weren't they just advisors?

Do the powers that be in Washington think that we Americans have such short memories that we will accept the fact that the troops in Iraq are just advisors?

Friday, September 19, 2014


This week, all of the news shows have focused on the recent accusations of spousal and child abuse by members of the NFL. 

Members of various football teams have long been accused and convicted of various charges of sodomy, rape, assault, drug possession, etc.  Back in 1998, Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger wrote a book entitled Pros and Cons, the Criminals Who Play in the NFL.  They went into detail on these charges.

I wrote about this back in July 2007 when the Michael Vick case was prominent in the news.  He was charged with, and convicted of, sponsoring a dogfighting operation.  He served his time and is now back playing football.

Now, we have new charges against various players.  What must happen to rid the NFL of these star players who have no respect for the law and common decency.  Far too many are held up as heroes.