Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Rededication

Today I took a trip to my old neighborhood for the re-dedication of a triangle in honor of a Chaplain who was killed during WWII on Okinawa.

He was a local boy and attended the same elementary school as I.  I always heard a lot about him.  Shortly after the war ended, the city dedicated this triangle to his memory.  I remember attending that ceremony.  Over the years, that event was forgotten and the triangle was considered by the city to be a Greenspace.  Most of the young people living in the area had no knowledge of the history of this triangle.  That is until a local historian learned about it.  He decided to find out more about Rev. Lawrence Lynch.

One day I saw a post on Facebook about Father Lynch giving some background.  I added what I knew about him, including that there was a book written about him, called Father Cyclone.  Today, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Wendell, that triangle was rededicated to Father Lynch.  There were all the local politicians there, along with veterans groups and even a niece of Father Lynch.

It was a wonderful day; it felt like we had gone back in time, a time when we all came together to honor a hero regardless of political affiliation.

When all the speeches were over and the new street sign unveiled, we all went to the oldest bar in Queens for a good old Irish lunch - corned beef and cabbage.

I'm so glad I went.

Monday, March 4, 2019


I enjoy cooking and baking.  I am a better baker than cook because I like to follow a recipe step by step.  I don't seem to have the imagination to improvise and create my own dish.  The most daring thing I did recently was quarter small potatoes, add some olive and salt and bake them.  They are delicious this way and I'm eating more potatoes than ever.  I've always felt they were too much work - you have to peel them, cut them up, boil them, then mash them.  Definitely too much work.

The other day I was looking at my cookbook collection and realized that many of the books are getting dusty and that I'm getting bored with the same way of preparing my meals.  I took that as a challenge.  I am going to try one new recipe a week.

I don't know what this week's dish will be.  I do have a head of cauliflower in the refrigerator and the other day I noticed that my local supermarket has started carrying Tillamook Cheese.  Since my son gave me a copy of The Tillamook Cheese Cookbook, I can now make something from that book using the recommended cheese without substitutes.

I probably won't make anything until the end of the week since I have to do a little research to see what I have on hand.

I will report on my success or failure.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sad Times for America

I've been following the news lately.  There is so much going on that I don't know where to begin.  I am most distressed by the current trend allowing late-term abortions.

At first, I was just embarrassed by my former home state, New York, when they celebrated, yes celebrated, the passage of an abortion law that would allow the female who was pregnant to abort, or kill, the child up to delivery.  Then, I heard the governor of Virginia say that his bill would allow a child to be born, made comfortable while the female discussed with her doctor whether or not the child should live before any care was given.

That was bad enough, then this week members of congress, including several 2020 hopefuls, voted  "no" on a bill that would require that medical assistance be given to a child that survived a botched abortion.

All of these instances are infanticide, there is no other word for it.  I have heard several people on the TV lately who have survived abortions because medical personnel had the sense to provide care for those children.

My question is, Who's next?  Can a parent decide when a child is six months old that because their mental health may be at stake if they are forced to raise this child, this child should be "aborted"?  Or, can the government decide that a person's medicare expenses are too high, that person should be eliminated.  Where will it end?

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I know it has been hard to remember one policeman who has been killed on duty, there have been so many lately, but today I'm going to say something about Ronil Singh.  He was killed on Christmas, 2018.  He left a wife and five month old son.  He was a legal immigrant from Fiji whose life dream was to be a police officer.  He was murdered when he stopped a suspected drunk driver.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation was started to memorialize Stephen Siller a New York City firefighter who, on 9/11 even though his shift had just ended in Brooklyn raced with 60 pounds of gear strapped to his back through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center when he heard that a plane had crashed into Tower 2.  He joined the first responders trying to do what he could to help, but unfortunately he lost his life that day.

This foundation has helped many  families of first responders and members of the services who have died leaving young children.  Today, Frank Siller presented a paid mortgage to the brother of Ronil Singh.  He also gave Mr. Singh a check for the child's college education.  Mr. Singh expressed his gratitude and that of his sister-in-law to all those who have contributed to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.  He also said that his family had signed on to donate $11.00/month to the Foundation as gratitude and to help some other family.

What a wonderful example of gratitude and spirit of giving back to the community.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Tonight, since it's almost time to dismantle the tree and put all the decoration away I decided it was time I sat down and relaxed by the tree.

I turned the tv off, dimmed the lights and sat down by the tree.  It was too quiet so I asked Alexa to play Montovani.  I sat there enjoying a glass of chardonnay, my favorite music and some chocolate and realized that life indeed is good. But me being me, I couldn't sit still for very long.

Naturally, it could be better - I could be a few pounds lighter, I could have my family closer, but all things considered, my life is great.  I have my health, a nice house (although I would love to win the HGTV dream home), good friends and a wonderful family. I reconnected with old friends and made new ones.

Can it get any better?

Friday, December 7, 2018

Wrong Number

I just had the most delightful experience with a wrong number.

When my cell phone rang, I thought it was a telemarketer and answered in my usual rude manner.  The caller wanted to know who I was and I countered with "who's calling".  She went on to explain that she had just gotten a call from my number and questioned whether I might have called her by mistake.  I told her that I had not even been near my phone all morning.

I apologized for the way I answered the phone and we just started talking.  She gave me her name, I told her mine.  She lives in Staten Island.  After a while, I tried talking her into leaving NY and coming to a 55+ community.

We had a very nice conversation and wished each other a Merry Christmas.

Monday, October 15, 2018


I've been thinking about this for some time now, ever since I started watching the stock price of Sears go down and down so far that it is now worth less than $1.00.  They are expected to file for bankruptcy any day now.

It's so sad, but they brought it on themselves.  Many blame Amazon with their online shopping business plan.  They forget that it was Sears that originated shopping from home.  When Sears started, there was no internet, but there was the Sears Catalog.  Many people looked forward to the "Big Book" that came out twice a year and of course, there was the special Christmas catalog.

I had so much fun turning down corners of things I wished I had, but never did get.  It was
"window shopping" from home and I always got a good idea of my sons' wishlist.

Many say that Amazon is very innovative.  I say all they did was move the catalog from paper to the internet.  You used to be able to buy anything from the Sears catalog and now you can buy anything from Amazon.

I like the speed of ordering from Amazon, but nothing beats flipping through the colorful pages of the Sears catalog, either the big book, or the specialized Christmas wish book.

The biggest mistake that Sears made was giving up the catalog and opening so many stores, that brought about their demise, not Amazon who just updated the original Sears model.

I really miss those catalogs.