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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy Giuliani

I was very disappointed last night when I heard that Rudy Guiliani had lost the Florida primary. I was doubly disappointed this morning when I heard he had withdrawn from the race. I was so looking forward to voting for him again.

Now I have to decide which candidate will be the best. I like that John McCain feels the same as Rudy Guiliani on terrorism, and we know about his strong character. When he was a prisoner of war during Viet Nam, he was offered early release because of his family ties, but he refused and said he would stay with his men.

I must admit that because of his two terms as mayor of NYC, I'm such a fan of Rudy Giuliani I didn't pay much attention to any of the debates before now. I have one week before the primary to do my homework.

I hope that Rudy continues working for us in some way and I wish him well.

1 comment:

ms/sss said...

Rudy is backing McCain, and I think that he is expecting a strong political reward if McCain wins. We have some rather good candidates running. It's going to continue to be an impossibly hard job...for whomever wins.
I, too, was disappointed when I heard that Rudy withdrew from the race, however, it was a smart decision.