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Friday, January 25, 2008

An Apology

Ever since I was about nine years old and saw my cousin's shorthand book, I determined to be a secretary. In high school I took a commercial course which included shorthand, typing, business law, etc. From the time I graduated high school through all my jobs at Buell Engineering Co. Dominick and Dominick and later when my sons were older at Continental Re and AIG, I was a secretary although in the 21st century secretaries are now administrative assistants, but I digress. I was known as a perfectionist, never having typos in my work. I even assisted in proofreading our Annual Report.

I've always taken pride in my work and cringe when I read anything with typos or poor grammar. That is why I must apologize to anyone who read yesterday's post on Wegmans. Everything was fine until the end when I spelled "Congratulations" with two i's. Obviously I never use spellcheck

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ms/sss said...

I read your blog and never even noticed the spelling error mentioned by you. At church last Sunday, I saw the word "precious" written in the liturgy book and instantly realized that I had written someone a letter earlier, and had spelled the word, "prescious". At least I think I did. It's funny that we even care so much. Is it our school training? Do kids today care? (Have you read some of their emails or text messages lately? Aaagh!) So relax and realize how much we all enjoy reading your blog. And that's a complement!!!