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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Clean-up

Christmas is now officially over. Now comes the hardest part, time to take down and put away all the decorations. I've decided to be more organized in putting them away by labeling each box. But, why is it necessary to make such a mess and have boxes strewn all over the house before I can get everything put away and I'm sure I'll find something that should have been put away in about three weeks.

At least, so far this year I haven't found any hidden or forgotten Christmas presents.

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ms/sss said...

I just made the decision to leave my Christmas cards, red ribbons, family and friend photos, and decorations up longer.
I display in my hallway entry all those Christmas pictures sent to us this year. I also hang up the pictures sent other years. I make a collage. Today, I bought a metallic Sharpie pen. I will write each name, and the year on all the photos. It's fun to look them over and see the changes. Like pj's and socks and girlfriends, they bring warm and comforting feelings.