Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My husband used to quote an old saying, "Even a fish wouldn't get caught if he kept his mouth shut". I'm beginning to understand what it means.

When I moved into this community I decided to get involved, so I volunteered for many different activities. I originally signed for two exercise classes a week, then I opened my mouth and mentioned to the trainer that I had a fear of water. She said that a good way to get over that would be to go to the pool every day and do my exercises. So I started going to the pool every day.

Then I joined our Singles Group and was soon president of the group. Thankfully, that term of service is now over and I'm only the treasurer.

To get the idea of going back to work in a full time office job out of my system, I also volunteer one afternoon a week at the desk in the Clubhouse where I take reservations for activities and usually have most of the afternoon free to read my book or paper. I made the mistake of telling our activities director that I have some good computer skills. Today, when I went for my afternoon armed with my book and newspaper, she was waiting for me with a project in Excel and a calendar update. I never got a chance to read. On the upside, the time flew and it was time to leave before I knew it.

I also volunteered to do some work on our website and now it's too late to back out. Oh well, it's much better than a 9-5 job five days a week. So far, all I'm really losing is my afternoon of reading.

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