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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PC Repair

Yesterday when I went to the Clubhouse for my afternoon of work I found that the internet connection had been lost. I wasn't sure how to fix it, but no one else even had a clue and they expected me to get reconnected. I tried the age old fix. I shut the pc down, waited a few minutes and then turned it on.

Still no connection. I kept clicking on various commands until I found one for Repair of Connection. The first page told me to check all plugs to make sure they were all tight. They were. I was sent to the next page which said to check the modem and router. I looked all over the area, but could see no modem and router. I lied and clicked the box that said I checked them and was sent to the next page.

It was just like magic. I got a message that the connection had been restored and I could now get on the web. I don't know how or why the repair was made, or even what went wrong, but I'm now a hero to the staff who had no idea whatsoever on how to fix it.

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