Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breaking My Silence

It's summer and it's hot out.  I've been trying to stay calm and not get too excited and hot under the collar about the current events.  But this morning, I've had enough.

The buses in Seattle have been carrying posters and ads showing pictures of the most wanted terrorists.  That's a really good idea, especially since several years ago a terrorist was stopped trying to cross into Washington from Canada.  Some "brilliant" congressman has decided that these ads are racist because it shows only muslim terrorists.  It doesn't matter that the majority of terrorists are muslim.  Maybe, in the interest of political correctness, the FBI should have invented some non-muslim terrorists.  Anyway, the FBI has wimped out and will withdraw the ads, thus  making sure that no muslim's will be offended and the streets of Seattle will be safe.

This morning I heard the president's answer to a question whether or not he was in contact with Putin regarding Snowden's return to the US.  This president responded that he didn't think he should have to call Putin.  To quote Freddie Prinze, "It's not my job man."  Whose job is it then?  What is our secretary of state doing?  Is this the flexibility the president talked about before he was elected?

It looks like, in the president's eyes, coal is the biggest threat to our survival as a country.  He talks about reducing our carbon footprint while he flies off to Africa with his entourage of  fighter jets; hundreds of Secret Service agents; a Navy ship with a full trauma center; and military cargo planes to bring 56 vehicles including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bullet­proof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay.   Some of this is necessary, but 14 limousines?  Does the first family travel in separate cars?  That would only account for 4 limos.  I can understand the need for a Navy ship with trauma center and the fighter jets.

At least he gave up the idea of a safari where he would have been surrounded by snipers in case an animal seemed threatening, although I've heard from friends who've been to Africa several times, the animals are so used to people that they don't notice and are not threatening.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Adventures in Cooking

Several months ago I bought a packet of seasoning mix for General Tsao's chicken.  I've been meaning to try it, but somehow, the packet always got pushed to the back of the shelf.

This morning I found it and decided to make it tonight.  I thawed the boneless chicken breasts.  This evening, I took the packet and turned it to the back to read the instructions, which were very clear by the way.

Unfortunately, I rushed through the directions and added the oil to the sauce mixture, then I realized that the oil was for browning the pieces of chicken.  Oh well, I can live with a little extra oil.

I put the sauce together, browned the chicken.  While all that was being done, I made the rice and opened a can of noodles.  This was going to be a wonderful dinner.

I put everything together on the plate (which I forgot to photograph), poured a glass of wine and sat down to eat.  I couldn't understand why so many people are afraid to order this, it was so bland.  It was OK, but even with some crushed pepper flakes, there was no particular flavor to it.  I was very disappointed.

I just finished cleaning the counter, putting the dishes in the dishwasher and wiping off the counter.  I picked up the packet of seasoning and thought it seemed a little heavy.  Then I discovered the reason for the bland dinner - I had forgotten to add the seasoning.

I was so intent on getting all the ingredients together and preparing the chicken that I had forgotten one of the most important ingredients for this dinner - the seasoning for the sauce.

I must learn to slow down when making a new dish and go over each step several times to insure proper cooking.  I rush though things much too much.  Or maybe I was distracted because both Crash and Burn were meowing at my feet even though they had their afternoon snack earlier.  Yeah, that's it, the cats made me do it.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today is D-Day, the 6th of June.  Until this year it didn't mean that much to me.  Oh yes, I've seen the news footage of the landings at Normandy and I knew it was the beginning of the end of WWII, but I was so very young on the actual day it didn't seem real to me.  Until...
I saw the artillilery that our boys faced as they landed.  Until I saw the countryside which was farmland with no place to take cover.

Then I saw the beach and the cliffs they had to climb.


And the wreckage of a landing craft still in the sea.  I wonder how many were injured or killed when it was hit.

And this is how it ended for so many.

And for the one whose family will never know exactly what happened to their son or husband or boyfriend.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Every year there is a mass exodus from the northern states to the southern and southwestern.  It seems most people can't wait to get away from the cold winters.  I'm happiest in the winter when it's cold and snows.

I just saw an article on that listed the 10 Happiest Countries.  I was surprised at this list.  The 10th most happy country was Mexico, no surprise there.  The climate is warm, there are many beaches and resorts.  Then I came to the next country - Finland.  Half of the happiest countries have the reputation of being cold, bordering on frigid.  Some, like Iceland, have cold winters and Denmark has a temperate climate.

I also noticed that the life expectancy in these countries is around 80 years.  Maybe Rhoda was right when she said she moved to Minneapolis because, "It's cold and I may keep better in the cold,"  Maybe I should think of moving to some northern climb.