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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Freezing Weather

Get ready for higher food prices.

The cold weather that has hit the northeast has also brought temperatures down in the south. According to MSNBC in a report yesterday, the citrus crop is in danger if the cold lasts too long. Whole trees could be damaged, causing problems for years to come. The citrus industry has already been damaged by the various hurricanes of the past few years

Other crops are also in danger from this cold snap. Broccoli and cabbage in the north and strawberries, tomatoes and corn in the south are also threatened. The only people welcoming the cold are the peach farmers who say the cold benefits their fruit trees during their period of dormancy.

New Hampshire has had the snowiest December on record and more is expected. I guess the ski resort operators are happy about that. And, of course, the children are thrilled because many schools are closed, lengthening Christmas vacations.

So, next year or even this year, we may not have enough oranges and grapefruits, but come Spring, we can look forward to sliced peaches, peach pie, peach jam, etc. Sounds good to me.

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