Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gated Community

I like the idea of living in a gated community, not for the security, but for the snob appeal. I like the idea that visitors have to be announced, it makes me feel special.

The idea of security went away recently when we heard about three break-ins in the area. The police are aware of them and it seems there is either one person or a gang that is hitting senior communities, and it seems the homes of snowbirds. A lot of the women who live alone are nervous and worried about their safety. It seems, however, the burglars only take jewelry and cash, they leave all the electronics alone. They also only seem to strike empty homes. There is a rush to buy timers so that lights can be turned automatically at dusk.

I have always used a timer, because I have a black cat, and one does not want to enter a dark room when the black cat is roaming around. They scream awfully loud when you step on them.

All my years of living and working in NY have made me less nervous. I'm not taking any chances, but I know that if someone really wants to break in, nothing will stop them. However, I may train my cats to attack strangers.

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