Monday, January 22, 2007


New York City is having trouble getting recruits for the police force. There are a number of reasons why fewer people are joining, one of them is the lower starting pay. There is another reason though - bureaucracy.

There is a highly qualified military veteran who wants to join the force. He doesn't care about the low salary. He has a master's in aeronautical science and was honorably discharged from the Air Force as a staff sargeant. The Deputy Commissioner would like to have him.

The only reason he was not accepted into the academy is the fact that he was only 17 when he took the test. The minimum age is 18. He is now 24. I can't see why the city can't bend the rules a bit since they probably overlooked his age when he took the test.

He has taken the entrance exam again, but must wait for the results to be certified before he can be admitted. In the meantime, the police department's recent academy class is the lowest it has been in years, and the city could use another good policeman.

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