Friday, February 2, 2007


This is the end of Restaurant Week in NY. Last night a friend and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to have a good dinner at one of NY's top (expensive) restaurants. The price of a three course dinner is $35.00 and you have three choices for each course.

My friend suggested we go to Mercer Kitchen, a place I had ignored because of the name "kitchen". It sounded like a diner type. Was I wrong.

It is one of several restaurants led by Jean Georges Vongerichten. I had heard that he is a top chef, so it was decided. We would meet at Mercer Kitchen.

This restaurant is located in the Mercer Hotel on the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets. I started with Butternut Squash soup, followed by Slow Roasted Salmon with a delicious sauce and a dessert of Sour Cream Cheesecake with dried cherries and sherbert, and of course, coffee. Everything was delicious, but now I know how the "beautiful people" stay looking beautiful. The portions were small, not the supersized portions I serve at home.

The surprise of the evening was the wine. I had a Sauvignon Blanc which had a bright crisp acidity. It was so good I had two glasses, even though each glass cost $10.00. I guess that had to make their money somewhere.

I'm a fan of Restaurant Week which comes twice a year. Because of this special week I've had the opportunity to dine at some of NY's finest restaurants - Manhattan Ocean Club, Capsouto Freres, Union Square Cafe, and Bolo. I can hardly wait for September and the next Restaurant Week.

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