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Sunday, January 21, 2007

2008 Election

There was a big surprise over the weekend. Hillary Clinton has declared her intention to run for president. Is there anyone who is surprised to hear that? She has been running for president ever since winning the senatorial election in 2001. Feminist leaders said that a successful campaign would not just be a win for her, but for women everwhere. You should not vote (or not vote) for a candidate just because of gender, race or religion.

Candidates deserve election because they are good, decent people with the good of our country as their goal. I might vote for a good candidate who happens to be a woman, a black, or a catholic, but that is not the only reason.

Gloria Steinem said, "The question is whether she can accomplish the same thing [she has in New York] in a big country." What has she accomplished in New York. She has been preparing to run since 2001.

It will be an interesting 22 months until the election in 2008. How many more will decide to run. We already have John Edwards, Barak Obama, Gov. Richardson of New Mexico on the Democrat side and the possibilities for the Republicans are Rudy Guiliani, John McCain and even possibly Newt Gingrich.

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