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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Tonight, our community had a pot luck dinner, the theme of which was American food. My assignment was to bring a dessert. I searched my cookbook collection and found a recipe for pecan pie bars in the "Best of Virginia" book.

Because I'm a perfectionist I didn't want to wait to the last minute to see if the recipe was good. Last week I made a trial run and made the bars. Unfortunately, they were very good. I tried them on Sunday and again on Monday. Tuesday, I tried to throw them out, but I took just one more. I couldn't throw them out. I finally finished them yesterday as I was making a batch to bring to the dinner tonight. Everyone liked them.

I think if I had a blood test now, the lab would find that my sugar was sky high. Fortunately there are none in the house and I don't think I'll be making them anytime soon.

Now it's back to the diet. This week, I think I may have "found" some of the pounds I lost over the past few months.

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