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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I recently had a problem with a major bank about my ATM card. The old card expired and a new one was issued with the same number. However, whoever entered the information into my account made a typo. The only card with authoriy to access my account, according to the bank, is the one whose last number is 8 instead of 9 which is on the card issued to me. When I spoke with Customer Service, the representative suggested that I take time to look for the card ending in 8. After insisting that there was no other card, I spoke with his supervisor whose only explanation was, "the computer did it". I can't believe that there are people who think that computers have the ability to change numbers at will. I reminded the supervisor that a computer will only put out the information it receives. Resoultion - I have to wait for the bank to issue a new card with the incorrect number since they somehow don't have the ability to correct their mistake.

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