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Friday, January 5, 2007

Our country saw another side of New York this week. On Tuesday a 50 year old construction worker, Wesley Autrey, jumped onto Harlem Train tracks with the train in sight to save a young man who had fallen. Mr. Autrey rolled himself and Cameron Hollopeter into the small trough between the tracks and two cars of the train passed over the two, just grazing Mr. Autrey's hat. Neither was hurt.

On Thursday, two friends saved a three year old Bronx boy who had fallen 40 feet from a fire escape. He crashed through some trees, which are bare in January, and bounced off the chest of Pedro Nevarez and into the arms of Julio Gonzalez. The boy, Timothy Addo, was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later with only a cut above his eye.

Messrs. Nevarez and Gonzalez knew it was up to them to save the boy. Mr. Autrey said that New Yorkers should do the same. "If you see somebody in distress, do the right thing, you know, help out. Okay? That's it"

I agree with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, "This is the week of heroes in New York".

What a wonderful start for the year, hope we have more heroes. When the chips are down, New Yorkers always come through.

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