Friday, January 26, 2007

Arctic Freeze

I must admit it, today was cold. I even broke down and wore a hat.

During our last cold spell a few weeks ago I saw an outdoor interview with someone (I don't remember her exact title) who was advising us how to keep warm. In her voiceover, she went on and on about how you lose most of your body heat through your head and it's important to always wear a hat. When the camera came back to her - she had no hat on. I guess she doesn't believe her own advice.

Today I was watching the news and heard that International Falls, MN is the coldest city in the country outside of Alaska. It has been called the Icebox of America. One of the residents was being interviewed about living there. The interviewer asked if they had power failures - no, did they have warnings about the cold - some, did the schools close - no. She also asked how they coped, my guess is OK since they're used to the call and they still live there.

Then she asked what I thought was the dumbest question. She asked how the people of International Falls felt about being called the Icebox of America. The answer - It has you interviewing us on television, how bad can it be.

People just don't think before they speak.

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