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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Writing - I've been told that the way to be a good writer is to write and write some more. Over the past few years I've seen a change in my writing and my approach to it. You could say I have evolved as a writer. Writing has always been a chore for me. I guess it dates back to grade school and the dreaded monthly compositions and book reports. At work I could always be counted on to write factual notes, not friendly ones. Then I attended a retreat where I was exposed to "power writing". "Just write whatever comes into your head", I was told. I thought I could never do that, but surprisingly I did. After that experience I started writing for therapy. After a tragedy or accident I just wrote whatever I thought. It was very helpful. This past Spring I started writing for enjoyment. I took a cross-country trip and entered my thoughts and impressions in my journal every night. It helped me be more aware of the events of the day.

Now I'm writing again for pleasure. One of these days I may even tackle a book report.

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