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Thursday, January 4, 2007

I saw the results of a survey that shows that people are more likely to lie via e-mail, text messages or the internet. The conclusion is that it’s easier to lie when you don’t have to face the person receiving your lie. I haven’t lied in any of those media, however I must confess that when I wanted to take a day off, I would call my boss at a time when I knew he wouldn’t be in the office so I could leave a voice mail saying I didn’t feel well. How many of us find it easier to lie over the phone, all secretaries/administrative assistants have said their boss was at a meeting or just stepped out of the office and couldn’t take the call when said boss was standing right there. I even perfected the art of putting the caller on hold, waiting a few minutes, then breathlessly said I tried to catch him, but the elevator doors closed. A principal I knew admitted that she always asked for parent volunteers face-to-face, that way they couldn’t say no.

And that’s the truth

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