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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wall Street

Many, many years ago I applied for a job on Wall Street as an administrative assistant in the Syndicate or Underwriting Department. When I was asked why I wanted to work there, I just blurted out, because I like money. I got the job. It was a very exciting time and place to be. I remember the excitement when the Dow first hit 1000 and also the excitement and frenzy of our first spot secondary.

Recently I saw a notice about a contest to see who could make the most of a $100,000 virtual portfolio, the grand prize is a job for a year with a salary of $100,000. I don't expect to be a winner, but I'm having a lot of fun. I just love spending other people's money. Right now I'm ranked at 568 out of 25727. Not too bad. I have a paper profit of $2,512.00. I'll start selling some of my portfolio the end of this week so I can buy more.

I still find Wall Street exciting. Over the past few years, there were times I wish I were still there.

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