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Monday, January 15, 2007

Weird but True

Here are some more stories from the New York Post's Weird But True column.

A 20 lb. stray may make the record book as the fattest cat burglar ever. The hungry kitty was caught after getting stuck in a pet door while trying to pilfer dog food from a Portland Oregon home. What makes this so strange is that this cat had gotten away from his owners six months earlier in Seattle 170 miles away. I've got two fat cats, but that cat must have been twice the size of each of mine. I'd hate to have that cat food bill.

Here's another animal story. Most people don't want to go anywhere near a skunk and that's giving Canadian wildlife officials headaches. They are trying to find someone willing to drive back to California a skunk that accidentally got transported in cargo 2,200 miles to Ontario. It seems that it's illegal to release the skunk in Canada. Sure, we have to keep all their geese and they can't keep one of our skunks. It's not fair.

And the last animal story. A high-voltage cable that a retired German man had set up to zap moles digging up his yard wound up killing him instead. There was enough voltage to run a cement mixer or heavy-duty power saw the police said. It should be noted that no moles were hurt by this experiment.

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