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Thursday, May 31, 2007


The other day I bought collars and a leash for Crash and Burn. I thought if they got used to the collar and leash I could take them out onto the patio whenever I go out there.

Today, I decided to put on the collars. Crash, prima donna that she is, didn't like hers. She kept trying to take it off. Burnie, being the very laid-back cat, let me slip it over his head. He seemed to like it, even the bell didn't bother him.

After a while I decided to try the leash. Again, Burnie didn't care. The fun part came when he started walking around the house trailing the leash which was followed by Crash. I had to take the leash off because Burnie kept stepping on it and pulling the collar around his neck.

I removed Crash's collar this afternoon and Burnie's this evening. I'll try again tomorrow. These things take time.

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