Saturday, June 2, 2007


I've found an interesting show. It's called SECRETS OF NEW YORK with Kelly Choi. It's mainly broadcast on the New York City channel, but I think it's syndicated around the country.

The premise centers on little known facts about NY. Tonight's search was for the oldest thing in NY. We visited the Highbridge Aqueduct and the Morris Jumel House which is the oldest house in NY, built in 1765. The house was owned by Eliza Jumel who inherited it from her husband who died mysteriously. After he died, she married Aaron Burr. It's believed that Eliza was the first golddigger in NY.

I also learned that the NY Philharmonic was established in 1842 and is the oldest orchestra in the nation. The NY Historical Society was founded in 1804 and is the oldest museum in the City. I'll have to make a visit there.

I can't wait for the next time. I've learned a few things about NY.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Secrets is a fantastic show. it was created by Harry Hunkele, Arick Wierson and Seth Unger and is really a breakthru show. Cities of the Underworld on History sort of copied it, but doesn't do as good a job.