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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have two cats, Crash and Burn. Crash is a little princess, she won't eat from her dish if Burnie has been or is near it.

Burnie is a very curious cat. Today, he wanted to look out the back door so he sat by the door and meowed over and over until I opened the inside door for him. Later in the day, after I closed the door, he still wanted to look out so he tried climbing on the curtain. He didn't get far when he pulled the curtain off the door and scared himself.

Then, because he was frightened, he had a coughing fit. The strange thing about his coughing is that he stopped when I picked him up, but when I put him on the floor he continued with his coughing.

I got him because when he saw the door open, he ran right into the house. Kind of like the man who came to dinner and never left.

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