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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


For the past nine weeks I've been watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. I really enjoy this show, even though I have absolutely no sense of rhythm or dancing ability.

I'm happy with the couples who made it to the finals, even though I disagreed with a few of the earlier eliminations. I'm looking forward to next week's final show. Unfortunately, I have a meeting which I must attend, so I'll either have to run through the meeting quickly or tape the show.

As a child, I really wanted to take dancing lessons, but at the time it wasn't possible. But I still see myself gliding across the floor in the finals of the competition. Then I wake up

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Anonymous said...

So many people enjoyed watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. I enjoy watching the dancing on ice, also. Dancing comes so naturally to some. We can all enjoy watching their talent. I'm glad we learned square dancing in school.