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Monday, May 28, 2007


Sunday's NEW YORK TIMES had a front page article on the fact that many Democrats refuse to participate in a debate on the Fox News Channel.

What are they afraid of? Maybe exposure to someone of a differing opinion? The Republicans had no objection to appearing on MSNBC. They relished the opportunity to offer their positions to a wide range of people.

Senators Obama and Clinton and former Senator Edwards have shown their narrow-mindedness in refusing to appear. If any of them were elected president, would they only meet with world leaders who agree with them? Would they ignore congressmen of the opposite party?

I think that candidates who are afraid to expose their opinions to the opposition may be hiding their true reasons for wanting to become our president. Congratulations to Senator Joseph Biden who will appear. He at least believes in his position and is not afraid of exposing it to others who may not agree with him.

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