Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Binge Drinking

This morning I read an article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL on binge drinking. Not the binge drinking we normally think about, but the type we unknowingly engage in as a matter of course.

This article stated that glasses, like most everything else, have been supersized. Because of this, we often fill the glass not realizing how much we're pouring. Tara Parker-Pope, the author of this article, suggested an experiment. She suggested you take your favorite wine or beer glass and use water to estimate drink size.

I tried this with my usual wine glass. I filled it half full, the way I usually do with wine. I then poured the water into a measuring cup and found that I had 8 ounces of water, almost twice the standard serving of 5 ounces. I then tried this with a cocktail glass. That glass only took 4 ounces, probably because it's a glass from the '30's.

I'm so glad that I usually only have one glass of wine with dinner.

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