Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Good Old Days

The other day when I was cleaning out the closet I found two insurance policies that my parents bought when I was 7 and 11. The weekly premium was $0.15 and $0.33 and the value was $216 and $500. Since they had to make payments weekly, I can only imagine what a struggle it was for them.

This has me appreciate the struggles they must have had. My mother stayed at home until I was about 11 while my father probably made no more than $35.00/week. Still, they were able to give my brother and me good private school educations which prepared us for our future.

When I'm tempted to complain about the high prices of gas, I should remember to be thankful that I have a car and can travel wherever I want. My parents couldn't afford a car, we used mass transit to visit family. Those visits to Staten Island or Manhattan or the Bronx were only about two or three times a year.

Tell me again, what was so great about "the good old days".

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Anonymous said...

What was so great about the good old days? We sure did appreciate life. We built fond memories of friends and neigborhood. The telephone and television were new and exciting. Hey! What's this? A TV dinner? We listened to and loved the radio. I liked "The Shadow" and "Baby Snooks" and "The Hit Parade". The fire hydrants cooled us off. Who needed the Hamptons? Don't let me get started...there are so many things to add...Those were the good old days, and most of all, you were there!