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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm in heaven. My air conditioner is fixed. It was just a blown fuse.

I learned a valuable lesson in dealing with people. I called the service company and had to leave a message on their 24 hour line. When then returned my call, instead of being my usual demanding self, I was empathetic. I didn't insist on moving to the top of the list because I have a service contract and that my unit worked before it was serviced.

They said they might not get here until tomorrow, it depended on how much work the other units needed. I agreed and understood that they are very busy and said I would be patient.

About a half hour later I got a call that they were here. The unit was fixed in about 10 minutes and I'm comfortable again.

I guess if you're understanding and patient you might get pushed ahead of the more difficult customers, or maybe since the temperature is 92 they don't want the "old folks" getting too hot.

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