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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old Television

This is fundraising month at PBS. I must admit that I rarely watch PB S except for "AS TIME GOES BY" on Saturday night.

Tonight while surfing the channels I found a program on Victor Borge. What a great entertainer, both classical pianist and comedian. Watching some of his routines, I found myself sitting alone in the house and laughing out loud, even though I saw many of them before. I particularly enjoyed his inflation language. Instead of things being "wonderful", they were "twoderful", "create" became "crenine", etc. His talent as a pianist came through when he would play "Happy Birthday" in the manner of various composers - Verdi, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. What a fun hour.

Now Bob Newhart is on. Time for more good times. I still have a copy of his album, "The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart", and of course, his two series were great. More on Bob later.

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