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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


A British granny will stay in jail a month more because she refuses to apologize for shouting at neighbors and hitting them with her walking stick. She was first sentenced to six months in prison for violating an Anti-Social Behavior Order, but that had been reduced by two months. However, a judge said that her refusal to say she was sorry warranted keeping her locked up for at least another month. Those British judges are tough.

A German man failed his driving test - while three times over the legal alcohol limit, police said. When the man, 27, arrived for the test in Bendorf, both his driving instructor and the examiner smelled alcohol, although he assured them he had not been drinking. His driving was rather bad, so the examiner directed him to the police station without his noticing according to a police spokesman. Once there, he had to get out and take an alcohol test, which revealed he was well over the limit. I guess he didn't know you have to wait until after you get your license to celebrate.

A Canadian home will no longer receive mail because a postal carrier is frightened by a "very threatening cat". A Canada Post spokeswoman said the carrier feared for her safety after seeing the 8-year old, declawed, black feline. Its owner said the ban is "ridiculous", adding that his kitty "liked to eat and sleep and cuddle". Just one big lovable ball of fur.

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