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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Latest Terror Plot

This morning I heard the news that the FBI had uncovered a potential attack on our soldiers at Ft. Dix. They did a good job uncovering evidence and checking everything. But the real credit belongs to the clerk at the photo store.

One of the arrested group brought a video tape to the store to be transferred to CD. The clerk felt that the video was suspicious and reported it.

We have some of the finest investigative procedures and investigators in the world, but it took a video store clerk to discover this plot. Wasn't a similar plot uncovered in December 1999 when an alert border guard noticed that a driver was nervous. That driver had the chemicals to make explosives in his car.

Why all the concern about phone tapping and profiling. The average alert citizen does as good a job without all the sophisticated equipment. Like they say in NYC, "If you see something, say something".

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Anonymous said...

Let's have the best of both worlds. Keep the fine investigative procedures, AND encourage all of us citizens to be alert and aware. Don't sit back and just let the other person do it.