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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Magazine

There is a new magazine in the planning stages. It's name is OBIT MAGAZINE. It will chronicle the lives of recently departed major figures. It was originally scheduled to debut last month, but has been delayed for about six months. The managing editor said they are trying to present the subject matter in an innovative and interesting way and they want to get it right.

There are two inescapable facts of life. Death and taxes. It seems that Obit Magazine's launch has been "taxing". Bob and Barbara Hillier, the publishers, are partners in a local Princeton newspaper, TOWN TOPICS. They got the idea for the magazine aafter seeing a woman visibly moved reading an obituary about Captain Kangaroo.

The magazine will run more than 100 pages an issue and has advertisers signed on. They want to be the voice of the generation of Americans who refuse to passively slip into old age and who realize that life reinvents itself.

If the Biography Channel can be successful, why can't a magazine listing dead people do the same.

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