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Monday, February 26, 2007

Social Clubs

Some people are so thick.

I've just returned from a meeting of a social club in the area. The by-laws were presented to the membership and approved about three months ago. Tonight one of the women wanted to know if the by-laws could be amended to change us to a social, civic and charitable organization. The president explained that at the present time, we could only be a social organization. In the future, with other officers, they may amend the by-laws.

The explanation seemed very clear to me. Wait until November of this year and the new officers will consider amending the by-laws. This woman kept insisting on our doing some charitable work and fundraising now. She just wouldn't accept that the present officers want to keep us a social organization with various speakers and demonstrations. There is a lot of paperwork involved in becoming a charitable organization. This woman insisted that we take a vote tonight to amend the by-laws in spite of what the president explained.

This kind of harping on your own idea and not listening to an explanation from a knowledgable person is what is killing clubs.

I left the meeting while they were pushing for a vote. I don't know what they decided, they may still be arguing about why the by-laws won't be amended before November.

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