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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Animal Tales

I've always thought that animals had a certain instinct that kept them out of trouble. Here are two animals who are missing that instinct.

In Putnam County this week a deer wandered onto the ice and fallen into Lake Gleneida. He was frozen and trying to get out of the water. Firefighters responded to the call that the deer was in the icy waters about 50 to 100 feet from the shoreline. A hovercraft was called along with a dive rescue team. Several firefighters suited in cold-weather gear were ready to go into the water. Rescuers in the hovercraft reached out and pulled the deer to safety. He was warmed up with blankets and after it was determined that he was healthy, he was set free.

A seven month old barn cat is expected to live after landing in a water trough and getting his tail trapped in three inches of ice. The cat, named Droopy, is healing after being freed with hot water, but lose his tail.

On a lighter note, a special restaurant in Nepal is catering to vultures by serving organic carcass of cattle. Conservationists say the birds are being threatened with extinction because they cvowe carcasses tainted with a deadly drug. "Our effort is to let at least some vultures eat safe food", said the group's chief.

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