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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins. Both are reasonable collections, but they don't have much use. Oh, some day that perfect stamp or coin will come along, but most collectors would just look at it, never sell it. It would have no practical use.

My collection, some would call it an obsession, is cookbooks. Whenever I travel I buy a regional cookbook. Today I inventoried my books. I have 210, unless you separately count the 12 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Cooking, then I would have 222.

I have books that have been personally signed by the author and some that I have had since my teen years. The first book I ever bought was the MYSTERY CHEF COOKBOOK. It had a recipe for a butter cake that was very similar to a recipe my mother had used and, unfortunately, lost. I also have, but don't use, the book that originally had the butter cake recipe, but that page is the only missing one. That book dates back to the late '30's or early '40's and is kept sealed in plastic away from the kitchen.

I have books on Italian, French, German, and Mexican cooking. I have diet cookbooks, dessert books, seasonal books. I have just about any topic you can think of.

I've also been given cookbooks as gifts. It's so nice to receive such a gift.

What makes my collection better than a collection of stamps or coins? That's easy. I get to use my collection whenever I'm hungry or looking for that perfect food for a party.

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