Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Storm

For the past few days the media have been predicting a nor'easter would hit the New York area. Some ares received snow, but here in New Jersey we had ice.

The trees were covered in ice, it's a beautiful sight. A neighbor's tree was so weighted down with ice that it looks bent in half. I'm sure once everything warms up, it will straighten up.

The ice caused other problems. We lost power for about six hours. It's good to have lights again. I'm lucky, I have a gas fired fireplace so I could stay relatively warm and I was able to cook on the gas stove, as long as I lit it with a match. Fortunately I have lots of candles, but they don't compare with a 100w bulb. Of course, with two cats I had to be careful with the candles.

I had just reconciled myself to a dark night when the lights came on. I had thought that if it was dark all over, I just might be able to see the stars. The stars are one of the things I miss about living upstate New York.

I tried to attach some pictures of the ice laden trees, but I don't know if it will work.

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