Friday, February 23, 2007

Britney & Anna Nicole

There was no escaping it all week. The escapades of Britney Spears and the hearing for the final resting place of Anna Nicole Smith.

I couldn’t help drawing a comparison between the two. Anna Nicole was a drug user, I don’t know if she was addicted, but she did use/abuse drugs. I also don’t know if Britney Spears is an alcoholic, but she is an alcohol abuser.

In both cases, the people closest to them overlooked or denied their abuse. Britney’s family does not have to look too far into the future to see her outcome, they just have to turn on the TV to see that Britney will end up just like Anna Nicole.

In both cases there are innocent children involved. Child Protective Services should have stepped in and supervised the care of Britney’s children after the picture of her driving with her baby on her lap.

I’m glad that Britney has checked into rehab. Hopefully she will stay this time and get the help she needs. Her children need her. We don’t need to see another trial to see who will get to bury Britney – her mother, her ex-husband or her children.

The whole situation is very sad, and the newspapers are making money from all this. Let’s not forget the “comedians” who have taken every opportunity to get laughs from the situation of these very troubled women.

There is one individual who doesn’t believe in kicking a person when she’s down. Craig Ferguson has decided not to make any jokes about Britney. He’s to be commended. Thank you Craig for doing the right thing.

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