Monday, March 1, 2010


Yesterday I watched several programs that focused on people who had won millions in various lotteries. It was very interesting. They covered people who handled their new money intelligently. Usually, these stories concentrate on people who went through their winnings in a short time.

That reminded me of my fantasies of winning the lottery. Whenever I had trouble sleeping I would think of what I would do if I won millions of dollars. I thought about a complete renovation of our home, putting money aside for college for my boys and also starting a travel fund, then making donations to the various schools that my boys attended.

Then I started thinking about now. Of course now, my priorities have changed. I live in a beautiful new home that doesn't need much improvement except for closets. But then, what house does have enough closet space. College is a thing of the past. About the only thing remaining for me to want is to travel. So, I guess if I won millions in the lottery, I'd set up a travel fund and give some to charity, including the schools that my boys attended.

Good grief, does that mean that I've grown up, matured? Or does that mean that I've reached a state of contentment in my retirement years? I'm happy with my life.

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