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Friday, March 19, 2010


We've always been told that we should write our congressman about upcoming legislation. They want to hear our opinions. They may want to hear, but they don't consider them when it comes time to vote. At least that's how it looks regarding health care. The majority of Americans polled are against this current scheme, but it looks like congress will vote yes.

I saw a good example of this recently. Back in January I sent a sarcastic email to my senators stating that they were foolish to show their approval for the health care bill. If they held out, they could have gotten a nice deal for New Jersey like the people in Louisiana and Nebraska did. I didn't have to write my congressman, he will vote no.

Today I received a reply from one of my senators. He said that he appreciated hearing from me on this important issue. He then explained how the process works. He assured me that he will keep my concerns in mind as Congress continues to work on legislation addressing health reform.

Does that mean that he will hold out for a better deal before he votes the party line and says yes?

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