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Friday, March 5, 2010


Happy Birthday Dean.

This morning I wandered onto AMC and discovered that today is the birthday of Dean Stockwell and they were showing a few of his movies. The first one I saw was The Song of the Thin Man, followed by The Boy with Green Hair and my favorite The Secret Garden with Margaret O'Brien.

Of course, I had to watch all three. I had never seen the first two, they were pretty good, but I really enjoyed the last. I'm a big Margaret O'Brien fan. In recent years I've become a fan of Dean Stockwell as well.

You may remember him as the Admiral on Quantum Leap. He seemed to control the time machine which resembled a Palm Pilot. Through Wikipedia I learned he also appeared in Kim, Compulsion, Gentlemen's Agreement and others. One that I would like to see is The Werewolf of Washington. That looks interesting.

Dean Stockwell is a rare child actor who succeeded as an adult actor. Congratulations!

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