Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mature(?) Women

I did something today that brought me right back to high school, but not in a good way.

We're having a show in the clubhouse tonight and I signed up for a table. Because I was the first to sign-up, I'm considered the table captain. We had about five people signed up for a table of 10. One Saturday, quite a while back, the woman on the desk called to see if I would mind if one particular woman sat with us. She's also a "single". I was surprised that anyone would check when we had plenty of room, but I let it go. About a week later I saw that they added six more, making 11 people at our table, but no one called to see if it was OK.

This afternoon I made the mistake of mentioning the name of the person who called. Immediately she found out and denied making the call. She insisted that someone was using her name. I said they were using her voice too. Still she denied, but ended by saying that they really didn't want that particular woman at their table. I just said whatever and walked away. I still can't understand why the fuss and why she had to deny calling and acting like a teenager and not the 80+ woman she is.

Now I know why I'd rather be the odd person with my married friends.

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