Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Care

Today I started to watch the president's reading of his new, improved health plan. Of course, it started later than planned which is no surprise. His staff should be more organized.

He had his props behind him- doctors. That reminded me of his comment during last week's "Health Care Summit" to Rep. Eric Kantor when he brought the 1200 page senate bill. It seemed like a put down, yet, he had his own props today. That was OK though.

The president seems to be full of himself. His ego is so large that he felt it necessary at this same meeting to remind Sen. John McCain that the election/campaign was over. This from a man who has never stopped campaigning . Then he said that he can speak longer because, after all, he IS the president.

Today he said that we can keep our plan. That may be true initially, but what happens when the insurance companies go bust because they must insure anyone regardless of a pre-existing condition, or there are no caps on how much your insurance company must pay and they can't increase your premium arbitrarily. How can any company stay in business under those conditions.

But, in spite of how the majority of CITIZENS feel, this bill will be passed and signed into law. I wonder what he will force on us next.


threecollie said...

I am so outraged by this. Can these people not hear the voice of the people? I have yet to meet anybody, except one person, who is in favor of it and yet...
Would you believe that the word verification is "broil"? so fitting because I am!

Staci said...

Don't you know, Obama and company don't think that we "average citizens" are smart enough to figure out what's good for us. So, they're doing it for us!

I am still disgusted that anyone voted for him in the first place!

DayPhoto said...

Another thing that scares me is 'they' have already taken things out of Medicare which used to be paid for, like cancer and heart disease. According to the news station I was listening too if you are on medicare and have these conditions you are shot in the foot.


BetteJo said...

This man is a hypocrite, a liar, and a power hungry socialist.

Um - but do you wonder how I really feel?