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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I did something this week that makes me impatient when other bloggers do it. I went three days without blogging. Now I know why others do it.

I had the busiest week. Tuesday is my busiest day with scrabble, working in the clubhouse and a Singles' meeting. On Wednesday and part of Thursday I was getting all the articles for the newspaper together. Thursday afternoon, a few of us went to Costco. I barely had time to put the refrigerated items away before we went to dinner. From dinner I went to a photography club meeting.

Friday morning I brought all the articles to the publisher. This was my first time as editor. I brought hard copies of everything in addition to a memory stick. Of course, I forgot one picture and had to email it later. Then I discovered that I gave the publisher a cd of pictures and another picture which she didn't need. I really hope it turns out well. I hope I still enjoy being editor once the finished produce comes out.

After the trip to the publisher I went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I had to put all my purchases from Costco in the freezer. Last night I was so tired I couldn't move.

It looks like I'll have a quiet week. Just my usual week and a trip to Woodhaven to get my hair done. Of course the week hasn't really begun yet.

Whoever said retirement is quiet and boring?

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