Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday, I watched "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon". I know this is not a true story, but it does make mention of some historical events and shows the difficulties of the move west.

While watching, I was struck by the courage of the early settlers of the west. It must not have been easy for them to leave their homes. Most of them probably had to sail across the ocean first, then head west not knowing what they would find. They most likely left family and friends along the way. They travelled in small wagons, some only on horses. Some stopped and started farming and built cities in the midwest. How many of us could do that.

A few years ago I drove across the country and my friends all think it was a big deal. I stayed in nice hotels, had maps of the area. I never had to do without food or water. And I was perfectly safe. It was so easy.


BetteJo said...

That's what the American spirit was all about. Now we're at a point where people want the government to take care of them. I thought we were supposed to be fiercely independent?!

Anonymous said...

I just read two books and loaned them out to friend about the Mormans traveling to OR. And the killing of the AR settlers moving to CA. One story tells about a 8yr old Scotish girl sent alone by her parents to migrate to OR. She walked the entire way from St. Louis to Salt Lake.

Pamela said...

no flat tires, overheated radiators, or bad belts?

That is what worries me. There are miles and miles of nothing in some places.